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UAE’s most trusted, Number 1 Travel & Tourism Company.

Regal Tours Dubai is the most reputed travel and Tourism Company in Dubai & UAE today providing 10s of 1000s of visas, tickets, tour packages, hotel bookings etc to people all over the world. Being approved by Government of Dubai & Tourism Ministry, Regal Tours is committed to provide the best services & best prices for its customers.

Regal Tours has successfully been able to simplify the procedures of getting visas or hotel bookings or tour packages or airline tickets – in comparison with any other travel agency in UAE. 1000s of our happy customers keep on sending us their thank you emails every day which inspires us to continue giving the best back to the society. Every procedure are so well simplified by Regal Tours, that our customers can get complete service ready in their hand without even leaving their house. We are also 24 hours available to all of our customers for any service or any help that you need. We are humbly honored and are proud of the excellent clean and clear records with every Government body records. We focus on giving personalized attention and care to each and every single customers because we understand every person is important and their requirement is special to us.

Regal Tours is the only travel agency in UAE giving 100% guarantee of visa issuance to its customers. We are also certified by ISO international for our high quality service. The company prides itself in being one of the top most registered travel and tourism companies in Dubai and thus helping to usher in a new era of prosperity and global enterprise for the nation of UAE. With substantial local capabilities linked with specialist global expertise, Regal Tours is an expert in the delivery of travel solutions and services. Its international clients include major multinational corporations, and the company is equally recognized for its ability to respond to the needs of smaller organizations.

Regal Tours has unrivaled knowledge in shaping the standards in travel services, and client care, and is honored of being able to respond to the needs irrespective of size through its cutting edge technology and professional human resources. For years Regal Tours has been perceived as the travel industry pioneers of UAE. Different customers choose us for different reasons but overwhelming reason why people select us above others is that we put ourselves in our clients, place. Only by taking this approach, and by blending technology with strategic thinking of the great professional staff that we have, we are able to deliver solutions that really are workable and focus on the twin objectives of service and savings.

Our experience in travel management is the best and, because of this, our daily routine of helping customers meet their own goals as we consider it a very creative funnel of strengthening fruitful relationships with our valued customers.